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Financial partners

We rely on our financial partners to support our financial stability and strength and to create co-investment and investment opportunities.


PROXY - FINANCE was the first private investment group established in the Czech Republic. It has been boosting the value of companies and projects through efficient and flexible provision of capital investments since 1991. In recent years, the investment activities of the group have been focusing on financing restructuring of companies via mezzanine loans and subordinated loans and on financing of real estate development projects within the group as well as on further financial transactions supporting the financing of specific projects. PROXY - FINANCE invests exclusively its own financial resources.

The RSJ Investments management company manages a broad portfolio of investments in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. A large percentage of the assets managed by the company are investments into real estate projects focusing on the acquisition and possession of income property and on the construction of residential and income real estate. A substantial part of the company’s activities consists in investing into sectors playing a key role in the 21st century – information technology, biotechnology, production of healthy foods, generation of electricity from renewable resources and life sciences.