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We are part of the strong investment group PROXY-FINANCE a.s.


Capital Investment – Instincts and Ethics

Effective and flexible capital investment – that is the tool helping the PROXY-FINANCE a.s. investment group boost valuation of companies and projects since 1991. In recent years, the investment activities of the group have been focusing on restructuring of companies by means of mezzanine or subordinate loans, on financing of development projects within the group and on other financial transactions supporting the financing of specific projects. PROXY-FINANCE a.s. only invests its own funds.

Since we were the first private investment group established in post-communist Czechoslovakia, our name is associated not only with the financial aspect of the business world, but also with ethical and cultural wealth. Such are the values which we cherish and which we promote by our work.

We value our honest relationships with many successful players on the Czech and Slovak markets, and our ability to contribute to the prosperity of all our partners is a great honour.