Our clients

Our clientele is formed by families with assets exceeding 4 million EUR (100 million Czech crowns), which they want to use purposefully and with due managerial care, preserving them for future generations.

Generational transfer of family assets is a complex process, which requires extreme circumspection and discretion on our part – assets on this scale necessitate an individual approach and investment opportunities inside as well as outside the Czech Republic, with the emphasis on the right strategic allocations.

A responsible attitude is key for the wealth gathered by the first generation to avoid becoming a burden for the succeeding ones. This is why we strive to inspire clients to pass their values on to their progeniture as well as their material assets. We value the trust they place in us, and we believe that with our help, their assets will help the family move forward and improve the lives of all family members.

All our clients have the highest standards, although their specific requirements, needs and aims do vary. We help each family achieve its own particular goals, finding clear and effective solutions as we accompany them every step of the way.