Our values

Preserving their legacy in the form of ethical values – that is the vision we share with our clients. Our mission is the renaissance of entrepreneurial dynasties. Our daily work is based on these three pillars:

  • Family
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Perspective

Family means continuity, and it is the family culture that is the key resource to success. We respect the culture of each family, reflecting it in the solutions we propose to our clients. We inspire dynasty founders by stories of other clients, and we help educate family members.

Trust is our deepest commitment. Not only does it form the foundation stone of the relationship with our clients; it is an essential element of cooperation within our team as well as with business partners. We take pride in our ability to always reach an agreement as well as in remaining discreet at all times.

Caring about a representative group of prominent families enables us to build a personal relationship with our clients and to work together in a family spirit. We like to present our work and results in person, at face-to-face meetings. Mutual respect is of key importance to us – it is a great source of motivation and joy.

We give family wealth a purpose and perspective. The strategy we apply to managing assets intended to be passed on to the next generations will be different from a family cash reserve management strategy. In terms of succession, our key focus lies not on giving detailed instructions and assigning tasks, but on working together to promote ethical values and principles.