We share a vision with our clients – preserving their legacy in the form of ethical values as well as financial assets. Accordingly, our financial strategies for the preservation and enhancement of family assets reflect all our skills, knowledge and experience.

  • Protection of the Client's Interests
  • Stability
  • Professionalism
  • Asset Protection

The underlying rule of our investment philosophy is to only invest in things which we understand and in which we ourselves would invest. This puts us all in the same boat. At the same time, we want to make sure that our clients understand the investment recommended to them, which is why we keep the regular reports short and clear.

For every one of our clients, we propose the most suitable investment allocation and adhere to it closely. We work with the best institutions. As we do not earn any commission for distributing products, our choice of investment strategies and instruments is perfectly independent. We do not have two- or even three-tier fees.

We pay close attention to strategic allocation and optimal structuring of assets – which, in the long run, are the most important investment rules. We are not influenced by short-term trends in market growth; instead, what matters to us is preserving value and limiting potential losses, and therefore we direct our investments mainly to developed capital markets in America and Europe, which have been tested by time. We work with top banks and asset managers.